Scheduling life

One thing that I’ve learned about myself since I’ve been in college is that I like schedules much more than I thought I did. During my “rebellious teen” phase in high school, I would complain that the constant ringing of bells had us all trained like Pavlov’s dogs. However, once I got to college, a steady routine became comforting. If I was feeling anxious or lonely I would just remind myself of the next thing on my schedule. It was a reminder that I wasn’t alone, and it kept me out of my room and out of bed. This year with my smart phone, it was even easier to keep a schedule. I had a constant visual reminder of what my day looked like. At first I went a bit overboard, scheduling every moment of everyday. I’ve since found a happy medium. Of course, with finals week approaching, I’ll type up my master schedule (planning in study sessions, work out sessions, relaxing time and meal times) just like I’ve done for every finals week of my college career. At the bottom of the master schedule, I like to put a little piece of cheery clip art that describes what I’m “working toward”. For the end of the fall semester, it’s usually a christmas tree. I’m still trying to decide what it will be this time. I’m thinking either a sun and flip-flops, or the Universal Studios logo. Well, I’m inspired, I’m off to attack my calendar with a pen!



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